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Strange editor font blur/fade with some elements



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      Filling this separately because it seems to be slightly more distinct than similar issues.

      After upgrading Qt Creator to 8.0.1 via the maintenance tool I noticed some strange blur/fade/aliasing occurring with some characters in the editor that was not present in 7.x.x. It's hard to tell but I think only the editor is affected and not text elsewhere.

      Some things are blatantly off, while other things just "don't look right". What is affected to which degree seems pretty random, but it seems that '=',  '+', '_', and '-' are particularly effected (so I guess thin lines) and that color may also have an influence.

      Not sure what's going on but it's horrible, with the equals sign specifically being almost unrecognizable, appearing as just a block.

      The following screenshots demonstrate the issue. Note that all versions of Qt creator shown are running on the same machine simultaneously (and therefore using the same exact settings), rendered on the same display.


      A) Qt Creator 7.0.2, Qt 6.2.3, ac1e86fe74

      B) Qt Creator 8.0.1, Qt 6.3.1, 9c963ce8ae

      C) Qt Creator 8.0.2, Qt 5.15.2, d3a245574e

      Obvious Issues:

      More Subtle:



      If you look close at the images (probably need to open them separately and zoom in) there are small variations in pixel rendering all around, even when it's not obvious at a distance.

      As you can see the issue does not seem to stem from Qt5 vs Qt6, but strictly 7.x vs 8.x.

      Main Editor Settings:

      3440x1440, 100% scaling in Windows
      I do not have Source Code Pro installed separately on this system.

      P.S. Was wondering for the longest time why the syntax highlighting got simplified so that all declarations are just bold yellow instead of being colored by the type the declaration is of (see "clParser" image). I now see this changes whether Qt Creator is based on Qt5 or Qt6, likely due to some underlying KDE dependency that changed. Is there any way to get this older behavior back with the Qt6 based creators?


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