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Registered documentation never cleaned up, program startup takes very long



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      I have been updating my Arch Linux installation since quite a few years. This means regular new versions of all KDE and Qt libraries, as well as Qt Creator.

      All these libraries and updates come with qch files, which are autodetected by Qt Creator. Unfortunately, it seems these autodetected versions are never cleaned up (see screenshot of the "registered documentation" page, and when I now start up Qt Creator, it takes more than a minute where it used to be near instant as it should be (all Qt libraries are loaded on my system anyways).

      I checked /usr/share/doc/qt;and there is only one qch file per library, so something in the Qt Creator help system is caching all the old versions of the help files, even though the original qch isn't present anymore.

      I went as far as compiling Qt Creator from source in order to profile what was taking up the startup time an turns out it seems to be spending all its time in sqlite3 code (which I suppose is documentation cache?). Note Qt Assistant does not suffer the same slow startup even though it showed the same long list of documentation.

      I can now clean up the list manually from the preference page in the screenshot (which also takes almost forever to load), but it would make sense to remove "registered documentation" for qch files that are not available anymore.


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