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QtCreator 9.0.2 freezing on Windows



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    • Qt Creator 9.0.2, Qt Creator 10.0.0
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    • QtCreator: 9.0.2, 10.0.0
      Qt: 6.4.1, 6.4.2, 6.5.0
      OS: Windows 11
      Compiler: MSVC 2019
      Project: CMake 3.24.2 (Qt)
      Plugins: Beautifier with clang-format (LLVM 14)
      CPU: AMD 5900X with 32 GB of RAM
    • Windows
    • 0e4a7d520 (10.0)


      We are experiencing constant lags, hangs and freezes on QtCreator. We have tried to live with it for a few years, but it only got worse, now reaching the point that makes it no longer usable (= considering to look for other IDEs).


      • When starting to compile, the whole IDE becomes unresponsive for the whole time of the compilation. It is not possible to do anything in the IDE (= Windows shows it as unresponsive and proposes to close or wait). This means that it is not possible to work while compiling.
        Occurrences: most of the time, except when there are only a few dozens files to recompile. Sometimes its starts to be unresponsive after ~100 files compiled (with ~3000 files in total).
      • Almost each edition in the code causes a lag of up to 5-10 seconds.
        Occurrences: Usually the lag happens after having the IDE idle for a few seconds or minutes. The first edition lags (e.g. pressing enter to add a new line), then we can edit for a while without issue. The exact condition is not clear yet. Sometimes, the focus/cursor in the text editor only comes after a while (5-15 seconds).


      We have tested 5 different computers, all giving the same symptoms. Actually, we did not find any ** configuration that works so far under Windows.

      The configuration is the following:

      • QtCreator: 9.0.2
      • Qt: 6.4.1
      • OS: Windows 11
      • Compiler: MSVC 2019
      • Project: CMake 3.24.2 (Qt)
      • Plugins: Beautifier with clang-format (LLVM 14)
      • CPU: AMD5900X or Intel i7 Gen11-12, with 32 GB of RAM


      • The same QtCreator 9.0.2 runs fine on Linux with the exact same project. The editor stays responsive throughout the whole compilation. However it happens that lags occur while editing.
      • The lagging in QtCreator is not new. We had the same kind of issues with versions 7 and 8, probably also 6 (but not sure). The feeling is that it got worse and worse, to the point that it is no longer usable.
      • Deactivating the Beautifier plugin does not seem to help.

      I can imagine the difficulty to analyze such issues. But as we have it constantly, it is easy for us to reproduce and test things. What can we do, test or provide to help debug this issue?

      Thanks !


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