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Show recent releases only in online installer UI



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      At the moment online installer UI shows all possible stuff from online repository. UI starts to be quite unclear and confusing for the user so we need to show only couple of newest releases by default and in addition to that add 'Advanced' checkbox or button to show whole repository content

      With upcoming IFW3.1 this should become possible.

      Requires UI changes in the installer UI as well.

      There could be a separate UI control beside the component tree. The component tree would show the default components, while the other UI control would show components, tagged as archive or deprecated. The tags would be group tags.

      The archive UI control should provide check boxes to allow the user to pick up multiple archived or deprecated components without switching between the component tree and the archived components tree. After an archive node is checked, it should be shown in the component tree. The new groups would also need descriptions for default, LTS, archive, and deprecated components. 

      The attached image tries to visualise the idea, but it is not any specification of a real UI. 


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