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Strings used in the Qt Installer are weird



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      Here's some feedback on the strings used in the Qt Installer, which is the first real "experience" any new customer has when they want to use Qt.

      1. The first screen (installer-welcome-screen.png) says "Welcome to the Qt online installer" but the last screen (complete-installation.png) says "Completing the Qt Wizard". This is wrong because we never introduced the installer as "The Qt Wizard" in the beginning. The last string should say "Completing the Qt Installer"
      2. In the first screen (installer-welcome-screen.png) why do we use "Please" for the Commercial user, but there's no "Please" for the Open source user? This discrepancy should not be there. Also, these days we don't use "Please" in strings anymore. It would be better to simplify these strings to make the Installer more intuitive and easy to use. UX Strings are much, much shorter and snappier nowadays, because people don't have time to read long sentences anymore. Suggestion: "Commercial users: Use your Qt Account credentials."
        Open source users: Use your Qt Account credentials or create a new one in the next step."
      3. The first sentence in the first screen says "This installer provides you with the option to download either an open source or commercial version of Qt." But, if you have the word "option" then you don't need "either". They mean the same thing. So "You have the option to do X or Y. " "You can either do X or Y." Suggestion: "This installer provides you with the option to download an open source or a commercial version of Qt." Of course, if you want a more modern, 2019 style UX string, you can get straight to the point and say "Use this installer to download an open source or a commercial version of Qt."
      4. One I have logged in (I have a commercial license) I see (installer-setup-qt.png) which says "Welcome to commercial Qt setup." which is ok. But look at the title on top it says "Setup - Qt" and the window title itself says "Qt Setup". This is a terrible use of UX string. The second title should be something more useful, not just a flip over of the two words with the hyphen in between. It should at least be "Commercial Qt Setup".
      5. To select a directory, we have this screen (installer-select-directory.png). The sentence "Please specify the directory where Qt will be installed." is weird. It's too formal. It should be more friendly and to the point, like: "Specify the directory where Qt should be installed."
      6. In the middle, if you want to quit the installation, you see a dialog (exit-dialog.png). It has a very weird title "Qt Question". This makes no sense at all. Consider using something more accurate that describes this dialog, like "Quit the Installer" or "Confirmation". The string itself "Do you want to quit the installer application?" should be more to the point, because it's not about quitting the application, it's about quitting the installation process. So, it should be "Do you want to quit the installation?"

      There's been a massive change in documentation, especially with UX strings these days. Customers expect more, especially if they are non-native English speakers. We owe it to them to provide better text/strings for our Installer.


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