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Commercial evaluation from online installer




      Business justification: Get more commercial customers and increase interest in commercial add-ons by making it easy for Qt users to evaluate them


      Our current online installer allows installation of Qt and tools with or without and existing Qt Account as well as creation of Qt Account directly from the installer. We could quite easily extend the functionality to allow creation of a commercial evaluation directly from the installer. This would not replace the web based evaluation request, but extend it - and leverage same backend systems. We would get exactly same kind of evaluation leads from the online installer as we get from the web. Currently installer is the biggest single source of Qt Accounts and it is possible that we could get more commercial evaluations in total when also leveraging the installer for these.

      The same functionality needed by generic commercial evaluations is also needed in order to provide customized installer for special purpose commercial evaluations. These include, for example, technology partners or resellers distributing a specific installer that allows installing a commercial Qt evaluation for their operating system or hardware. Perhaps the online installer could leverage a configuration file that specifies what are the allowed evaluation options? This would allow the installer to only offer, for example, Qt for QNX evaluation when distributed by QNX. 

      One approach to add the evaluation option to current installer:

      • Ask if user wants to make a commercial evaluation with a tick box in the same view as Qt Account information is entered
      • When user wants to make commercial evaluation, we could already start creating the Qt Account or add the eval to existing account when user clicks next
        • Note: We need 20-30 seconds to process the request, so it is good if the can hide this from the user by asking the additional info while creating the eval
      • New page added to installer where user can fill in name, company, etc information and possibly what product is to be evaluated (not necessary if we grant all products available for the platform used)
      • Then proceed as currently, i.e. show products available for download with the commercial evaluation license


      Effort estimate:




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