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shared condition for State works against what's stated in the documentation



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    • Qt for MCUs 2.5
    • Qt for MCUs 2.4
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      The repository to reproduce the issue : https://git.qt.io/mikio.hirai/statebug

      I'm using Windows11 with the Kit Qt for MCUs 2.4 - Desktop 32bpp(MSVC)

      In the State documentation(https://doc.qt.io/QtForMCUs-2.4/qml-qtquick-state.html), there's a sentence saying "If multiple states in a group have a when clause that evaluates to true at the same time, only the first matching state is applied. For example, in the following snippet, state1 is always selected rather than state2 when sharedCondition becomes true." with a code snippet :

      Item {
          states: [
              State { name: "state1"; when: sharedCondition },
              State { name: "state2"; when: sharedCondition }
          // ...

      I tried it myself with the qml file below:

      import QtQuick 2.0
      Rectangle {
          id: root
          width: 1000
          height: 1000
          Image {
              id: image
              source: "assets/download.jpg"
              MouseArea {
                  id: mousearea
                  anchors.fill: parent
              transform: Rotation {
                  id: rotation
                  origin.x: image.width/2
                  origin.y: image.height/2
                  angle: 0
          states: [
              State {
                  name: "pressed"
                  when: mousearea.pressed // same when as "extended"
                  PropertyChanges {
                      target: rotation
                      angle: 180
              State {
                  name: "extended"
                  extend: "pressed"
                  when: mousearea.pressed // same when as "pressed"   
                  PropertyChanges {
                      target: image
                      x: 500
                      y: 500
          transitions: [
              Transition {
                  RotationAnimation {
                      direction: RotationAnimation.Clockwise
                      duration: 10000
              Transition {
                  NumberAnimation {
                      properties: "x,y"
                      duration: 10000
                      easing.type: Easing.InOutQuad

      Here, I used the same condition "mousearea.pressed" for "when" of both "pressed" state and "extended" state. 
      According to the documentation, when the "pressed" turned true in "mousearea," only the transition to "pressed," the first one, should be triggered, like in the attached "expected_bahavior.gif."
      However, when the "mousearea" is clicked, it seems that the behavior of the app shows it transitioned to "extended" instead, like in the attached "actual_behavior.gif."


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