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      There are three issues before 10.12 can be used in Coin with OpenNebula:

      (1) Export either qtci-macos-10.12-x86_64-8 or -10 from vSphere to OpenNebula

      (2) In order for the VM to start up, it is necessary to change the CPU model in the deployment from core2duo to Penryn. Otherwise the OS does not boot up. This requires changing the patch to the deploy script with some mechanism of detecting this either for 10.12 or verifying that Penryn as option works for all macOS versions (important!). After changing the patch, all nodes need to be re-deployed to receive the updated deploy script.

      (3) When it is possible to boot the OS, it needs to be provisioned for the bootstrap agent by running coin-setup and by placing the chameleon boot plist file into /Extra in order for the OS to boot automatically.

      Giving this critical Priority as 10.12 ran (generally speaking) in vSphere, so this is a regression. However 10.12 was not deployed for any Qt configuration yet, at the time this bug report was created.


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