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[REG] qtqa/tests/postbuild/guiapplauncher test fails to compile on Linux/X11



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    • 6.2
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    • $ lsb_release -d
      Description: openSUSE Leap 15.2
      $ uname -a
      Linux localhost.localdomain 5.3.18-lp152.47-default #1 SMP Thu Oct 15 16:05:25 UTC 2020 (41f7396) x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux
    • Linux/X11
    • 7b62a85892572f77b811ead26363ce8b1b220829


      Attempting to do a full developer-build of Qt fails with a compile error as follows:

      $ git clone git://code.qt.io/qt/qt5.git
      $ cd qt5
      $ git reflog -1
      5dc2c5d9 (HEAD -> dev, origin/dev, origin/HEAD) HEAD@{0}: pull: Fast-forward
      $ perl init-repository -f
      $ mkdir ../qt-build
      $ cd ../qt-build
      ../qt5/configure -developer-build -skip qttranslations -make tests
      $ cmake --build .
      [ 77%] Building CXX object qtqa/tests/postbuild/guiapplauncher/CMakeFiles/tst_guiapplauncher.dir/tst_guiapplauncher.cpp.o
      In file included from /home/qt/depot/tmp/qt5/qtqa/tests/postbuild/guiapplauncher/tst_guiapplauncher.cpp:29:0:
      /home/qt/depot/tmp/qt5/qtqa/tests/postbuild/guiapplauncher/windowmanager.h:51:51: error: ‘Q_PID’ has not been declared
           QString waitForTopLevelWindow(unsigned count, Q_PID pid, int timeOutMS, QString *errorMessage);
      /home/qt/depot/tmp/qt5/qtqa/tests/postbuild/guiapplauncher/windowmanager.h:52:47: error: ‘Q_PID’ has not been declared
           bool sendCloseEvent(const QString &winId, Q_PID pid, QString *errorMessage);
      /home/qt/depot/tmp/qt5/qtqa/tests/postbuild/guiapplauncher/windowmanager.h:59:63: error: ‘Q_PID’ has not been declared
           virtual QString waitForTopLevelWindowImpl(unsigned count, Q_PID pid, int timeOutMS, QString *errorMessage);
      /home/qt/depot/tmp/qt5/qtqa/tests/postbuild/guiapplauncher/windowmanager.h:60:59: error: ‘Q_PID’ has not been declared
           virtual bool sendCloseEventImpl(const QString &winId, Q_PID pid, QString *errorMessage);

      Note that the extra configure flags are required in the current dev branch due to regressions intorduced by the switch to the cmake-based build system.

      This bug is not caused by the new build system, however. The same compile error happens when building the guiapplauncher test from the v6.0.0-beta3 git tag, which still had the old qmake build system.


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