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androidtestrunner fails to copy the XML test log when the test crashes



    • Bug
    • Resolution: Fixed
    • P2: Important
    • None
    • 6.7
    • Test scripts
    • 4bc3f700f (dev), 518ac20dc (dev), 9d830f459 (dev), 58fc33239 (dev), f3c1bad7e (6.6), 203f75c92 (6.6), f0b9a812f (6.6), e53f18264 (tqtc/lts-6.5), 8f1a026c3 (tqtc/lts-6.5), 06e46b77e (6.6), b1e02458c (tqtc/lts-6.5), fb1acc83f (tqtc/lts-6.5), 6a7f9d6b1 (dev)
    • 2023wk46FOQtforAndroid, 2023wk48FOQtforAndroid


      From this log it is apparent that the test stops abruptly, and qt-testrunner tries to read the XML file and re-run the test. However the file is missing.

      408: SKIP   : tst_QWidget::clean_qt_x11_enforce_cursor() This test is for X11 only.
      408:    Loc: [/home/qt/work/qt/qtbase/tests/auto/widgets/kernel/qwidget/tst_qwidget.cpp(7470)]
      408: PASS   : tst_QWidget::childEvents()
      408: Failed to get the test output from the target. Either the output is empty or androidtestrunner failed to retrieve it.
      408: Execute /opt/android/sdk/platform-tools/adb uninstall org.qtproject.example.tst_qwidget.
      408: Success
      408: qt-testrunner.py     INFO: Test process exited with code: 1
      408: qt-testrunner.py    ERROR: XML log file not found: /home/qt/work/testresults/tst_qwidget-1699027693445.xml
      408: qt-testrunner.py    ERROR: exception:FileNotFoundError [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/qt/work/testresults/tst_qwidget-1699027693445.xml'
      408: qt-testrunner.py    ERROR: The test executable probably crashed, see above for details
      408: qt-testrunner.py     INFO: Will re-run the full test executable 



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