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Refactor Internet connection testing in Neptune



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    • 5.15.0
    • 5.14
    • Neptune3
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    • Windows
    • October 2019, July 2019, August 2019, September 2019


      Neptune tries open a connection to "https://google.com" to verify that OS is not only connected to a network, but this network is connected to internet. An access to Internet is currently used to access the test installation of the Deployment Server and to load maps.

      On plain Windows installation Qt reports missing SSL support with:

      [WARN | qt.network.ssl] QSslSocket::connectToHostEncrypted: TLS initialization failed.

      Due to this an access to "https://google.com" fails. On that Neptune concludes that Internet is not available, which is not correct.

      Short term, it would be sufficient to use "http", since it is a redirect to "https". It will work network-wise, but the actual HTTPS connection would not matter. Long-term, there should be a better check, then an access to well known server...

      See the log and the screenshot attached.

      See the discussion on AUTOSUITE-1030

      Here is a summary why we currently need internet or LAN in Neptune:

      • "Downloads" access the Deployment Server. The Deployment Server is currently accessible via an Internet URL, but it can also be installed on LAN and so have a local IP or a name instead
      • The "Map" app loads maps via internet and uses HTTPS for this
      • The "Calendar" apps can load weather conditions in a future version
      • LAN connection is required to connect to a desktop with Qt Creator


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