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Create 3D Edit View technical proof-of-concept




      What is needed

      Create rough cut technical feasibility proof-of-concept to support architecture planning of visual 3D editing inside Qt Design Studio.

      Who needs this

      This is needed by the Qt Creator/Qt Design Studio developers to iron out basic technical issues from the system (consisting of Qt Creator, Qt Quick 3D, QML, Qt Design Studio) before we start more detailed feature development.

      Why it's needed

      Adding support for 3D editing brings new requirements above and beyond the 2D edit features in Qt Design Studio. We've already proven some of these features can cause issues, will require refactoring Qt Creator code etc. It is critical to first get a rough technical proof of concept done that irons out these basic problems and proves the 3D editor features can be implemented. After this we can then move to finalize all the features to meet the exact UX designs etc.

      Acceptance criteria

      All depicted sub-tasks can be proven to work. The UX might be really rough at this point, but the feature works and can be used in the edit view PoC.


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