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Windows default multimedia backend (WMF) does not handle default audio devices correctly




      Please find the attached reproducer. Steps to reproduce:
      0. Connect/plug in a headphone/external speaker/whatever that can be disconnected/unplugged later.
      1. Run the sample on Windows with default backend. The audio should be defaulted to headphone.
      2. Click 'file dialog' button to load a video.
      3. Click 'start video' to play.
      4. Disconnect/unplug the headphone during video being played. The default audio device should be switched to built-in speaker. However, video is gone. Only all-white frame is present. The media status changes to 2(LoadedMedia) immediately after audio device is defaulted to built-in built-in speaker, and then back to 5(BufferedMedia) which is the normal status when video is being played. But no visible video anyway.

      Very strangely, if the steps are done in the reverse order, that is, start playing video without headphone (so audio is defaulted to built-in speaker at the first place), and then connect headphone during video being played, it is very likely that video can keep playing and audio can be defaulted to headphone.

      And yes, FFMPEG solves the problem. But a solution/fix to WMF is wanted here.


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