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Please make QZip as a permanent class inside Qt



      Qt 4.5 comes with a class for writing ODF files. The class is defined in qzipreader.h an qzipwriter.h.

      In the header is the following notice:

      // W A R N I N G
      // -------------
      // This file is not part of the Qt API. It exists for the convenience
      // of the QLibrary class. This header file may change from
      // version to version without notice, or even be removed.
      // We mean it.

      We want to use this class (via QZip class), but I need the insurance, that this classes will not removed in the future.

      Update: until this class becomes public API (and this warning above is removed), please don't use. Any public version of this class will differ from the current implementation and your code may break once that happens. For the moment, you can copy QZip into your application (and change the class name to avoid conflicts).


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