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[ REG 4.8-5] Windows: Single Finger pan does not scroll, selects text instead


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      2ffa46054d13c639cf9f7846a74ad3ebd07b9f5c (qtbase/5.4, 20.11.2014, 5.4.1) + others


      When I scroll via touch (wipe finger up/down) on a touch-device with windows 8 (in my case surface pro) it normally reacts like a scrolling event in native applications (for example notepad++, word etc.).

      The same in Qt programms and this input reacts like a selection of the "touched" text (which is weird in my opinion).

      It would be cool if qt could react here like normal windows 8 apps (desktop apps, not the metro stuff).

      I attached two projects, the first one with qt and the second with WindowsForms (C#). The second one showes the desired behaviour. It would be great if we can see this also in Qt apps.

      I don't know if the current behaviour may is intended, so I post as suggestion and not as a bug.


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