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[REG] iOS: Keyboard Disabled with QTextEdit after Closing a Native Popover.



    • Bug
    • Resolution: Unresolved
    • P2: Important
    • 5.4.0 RC
    • 5.4.0 Beta
    • None
    • iPad Air with iOS 8.1; iPad-3 with iOS 7.1.2
    • iOS/tvOS/watchOS


      It was working smoothly in 5.3.2

      Mixed App with Native Popovers without text input fields
      that uses its own UINavigationController
      (after commenting out
      ASSERT: "FirstResponderCandidate::currentCandidate()" in file qiostextresponder.mm, line 272)

      when closing the popup leaves
      QTextEdit not-responsive:
      tap on the editing area does not bring the keyboard up,
      and it's not possible to write.

      Steps to reproduce:

      1. Use an iPad, better with testing Facebook or Twitter account;

      2. Compile the attached modified textedit example as a bedug
      versus 5.4-rc commenting out
      ASSERT: "FirstResponderCandidate::currentCandidate()" in file qiostextresponder.mm, line 272

      3. Run from QtCreator or XCode;
      4. When the editor appears, writer some text like "This is my text to share"
      5. Tap on the Sharing button as the right most at the top toolbar;
      6. From the menu, select "Share As a Text"
      7. From the oprions, choose Facebook or Tweeter or Message;
      8. When Facebook or Tweeter or Message appears, select Cancel
      9. Observe that after that:

      • tapping on the QTextEdit area doesn't brings the keyboard up;
      • it's not possible to write in QTextEdit


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