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      The following changes should be considered as part of the Qt 6 release.

      • Remove qbluetoothglobal.h (deprecated by https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/203657/3)
      • Review QLowEnergyController state machine - Reading all descriptors and characteristic as part of the service discovery is very inefficient. Especially when the user already knows the exact service & char uuids he desires to interact with). The API should be changed such that QLowEnergyController discoverServiceDetails() is no longer necessary.
      • Add convenience function to enable/disable notifications per char and not having to know the details on how to write the ClientCharacteristicConfiguration descriptor
      • Drop BlueZ 4 support
      • Remove Custom GATT stack
      • Investigate whether minimal Android version can be raised. This permits dropping of lots of reflection code which ensures that older Android version continue to work.
      • Various API cleanups (see various TODO items in headers), e.g.:
        • Remove QLEController remoteAddressType property (only required on Linux for Custom Gatt stack
        • Remove QBluetoothDeviceDiscovery::inquiryType and all related functions and enums
        • Replace QList against QVector in public API
        • Move QBluetoothServiceInfo service registration related functions to QBluetoothServer


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