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UnsatisfiedLinkError when manually registering functions via JNI_OnLoad



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      I have an Android application which uses some JNI to communicate between my Java and C++ classes. The JNI_OnLoad function looks something like this:

      JNIEXPORT jint JNI_OnLoad(JavaVM *vm, void */* reserved */)
        qDebug() << "starting to register functions";
        JNIEnv *env;
        if (vm->GetEnv(reinterpret_cast<void **>(&env), JNI_VERSION_1_6) != JNI_OK)
          return JNI_ERR;
        jclass nativeClass = env->FindClass("com/example/myapp/MainActivity");
        if (!nativeClass) return JNI_ERR;
        if (env->RegisterNatives(nativeClass, mainActivityMethods, sizeof(mainActivityMethods) / sizeof(mainActivityMethods[0])) < 0)
          return JNI_ERR;
        qDebug() << "registered all functions!";
        return JNI_VERSION_1_6;

      It is contained in a file which is definitely listed as a source file in the .pro file. However, the debug statements are never printed out and I get

      java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: No implementation found for java.lang.String 
      (tried Java_com_example_myapp_MainActivity_foo
      and Java_com_example_myapp_MainActivity_foo__)

      I did not use to get this error before I upgraded to 5.11. Everything was working fine previously.

      It is, however, worth noting that I also did a "VCS refresh" in the sense that I had to pull all the files from the repository into a fresh directory because the old one was deleted. This could potentially be a factor, though I don't think so.


      I was able to manually resolve the error by adding a call to `System.loadLibrary("MyApp")` However, I was under the impression this was not supposed to be necessary. Therefore I believe it is a bug.


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