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Qt Location changes in Qt6



    • Type: User Story
    • Status: Open
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    • Fix Version/s: 6.0 (Next Major Release)
    • Component/s: Location
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      This report is for noting all possible API extension that can only happen when binary compatibility can be broken.

      • Plugin interface API, to be used not only for discovery but also to interact with attached plugins (e.g., to request supported map types, etc.. see QTBUG-20865)
      • Clean up the Map API, and consider grouping camera-related properties
      • Change the error policy to clear errors. Old behavior can be achieved by listening to signal and storing the last error without clearing it.
      • Consider Making QGeoCoordinate a POD class, not shared, not pimpled.
      • Reengineer Places API, currently somewhat bound to the old nokia platforms
        • Remove or change the save/remove features (places and categories), that 1) requires per-plugin implementation 2) can't subdivide per application or in any other way the added data 3) does not share the data across plugins, but rather requires a pretty involve mechanism of converting places from one plugin to the other 4) is not multiprocess-safe (or, that would be implementation dependent)
        • LocalizedPlacesFeature is currently unsupported and undocumented. Either improve this or remove
        • QPlaceSupplier: does it still make sense? consider to generally simplify QPlace.
        • carry out an analysis of what additional features are needed in a place manager.
        • Remove QPlace::setCategory (redundant, has setCategories).
        • QPlaceAttribute: change QString text into a QVariant value and consider merging QPlaceAttributes with QPlaceContent
        • QPlaceSuggestionReply can also be paginated!!
        • QPlaceCategory should support synonims
      • Reconsider offering Item-based Map Items which cant be enabled in real 3d
      • make ~QGeoRoute virtual
      • change QGeoMapType::MapStyle into a flag
      • renovate QGeoServiceProvider::Errors
      • renovate QGeoCodeReply::Errors
      • remove cache cleanup and backward-compatibility in QGeoFileTileCache
      • remove silent nokia renaming in QGeoServiceProvider::QGeoServiceProvider
      • selective cache clearing (e.g., flush memory when going to bg)


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