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QtLocation & QtPositioning backlog



    • Location & Positioning Backlog


      General backlog for possible tasks/features in QtLocation – things not necessarily ever committed to but under consideration.

      Please add new suggestions via new user stories to Jira and link them against this epic as already done below. Hopefully over time this epic can be transformed into somewhat of a roadmap for QtLcation development. The aim is to have an official release of QtLocation as part of Qt 5.2.

      Current considerations which need further discussions and separate Jira details (no particular order of priority yet):

      • Qt 5.3
        • Update documentation to bring in line with other Qt5 libs (QTBUG-24877)
        • Android port for QtPositioning (QTBUG-34102)
        • iOS port for QtPositoning (position engine done, satellite information not available)
        • QtLocation QML API frozen from Qt 5.3 onwards
      • Qt 5.4
        • Re-enable automated CI runs and fix related auto test in during the process (QTBUG-31797)
        • Removal of Qt3D dependency from QtLocation (done)
        • Example polishing (QTBUG-24845)
        • New platform ports for QtPositioning
      • Qt 5.5
        • Technology Preview for Qt Location
        • Place backend for OSM plug-in (done)
      • Qt 5.6
        • First committed API release & plenty of bug fixes
      • Qt 5.7
        • Mostly just bug fixes
      • Qt 5.8
      • Qt 5.9
        • Tile layers (QTBUG-49475)
        • External map renderer (QTBUG-53851)
        • External map item rendering (QTBUG-53852)
        • Improved Tile caching API to support customizations (QTBUG-46970)
        • Map Tilt/Rotation support (QTBUG-56473, QTBUG-40774)
        • Add overzoom support (aka tile blending) to the stock renderer (QTBUG-23659)
        • Cache mercator projection of qgeocoordinates
        • Vector-based map rendering (via 3rdparty mapbox-gl-native library)
        • Add fitViewportToVisibleMapItems to only consider visible items when fitting the viewport (QTBUG-57912)
        • Add MapItemGroup, to combine multiple map items in a separate qml file (QTBUG-55211)
        • Add MapParameter, to expose and control plugin-specific functionalities at runtime
      • Qt 5.10
        • Add QGeoPolygon, and use it also in Map.visibleRegion, to return the correct polygon also on rotated/tilted maps
          • Use clipper to implement ::contains()
        • Change the current tile-based providers to always support the full range of zoom levels by enabling overzoom
      • Mid to long term
        • Improve performance of map item rendering (QTBUG-25728)
          • Possibly offload the rest to glsl on those platforms supporting double precision fp
            • With this, also skip the clipping, as opengl knows how to deal with stuff behind the camera
        • Add better 3D map items support
        • Add 3D content rendering support
          • Support first fragment translucency (possibly in 2 passes)
          • Including MouseArea support
        • Perform data provisioning in a separate thread
          • Including mipmap generation
          • Possibly also texture uploading
        • Add support to burn map items into tiles
        • Support additional cylindrical projections
        • Support non-cylindrical projections
        • Support globe rendering
        • Support terrain rendering
        • Content provider reviews
          • Evaluate adding a geoservice provider plugin, based on OSM data, for offline places, geocoding and routing, using the one or the other 3rd party library.
          • Evaluate using a 3rd party library to allow usage of offline vector data (not just raster) and rasterize it to tile on demand (e.g., libosmscout, or others)
          • There are Nokia and OSM Maps backends which have to be reviewed from a quality and applicability perspective. Does a Nokia plug-in make sense going forward (whats the maintainer situation, Nokia has monetary interest in its REST API users)
          • The JsonDB place plug-in provides offline place facilities and as such is not actually providing new information. While JsonDB is unlikely to be a valid storage it could be possible to port it to some other form of storage such as SQL.
          • The Nokia Places backend does provides online retrieval and search of place information but has the same issues as the above Nokia Maps backend.
          • The OSM/Mapnik plug-in could potentially utilize offline OSM data. The data is rather large on storage but when split into individual location (e.g. split by country) it is feasible to store map data on the local device (more details http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Downloading_data) (QTBUG-45284)
        • New platform ports for QtPositioning
      • Qt6 (breaking changes)
        • MapType rework
        • Plugin should be split, to separate the discovery functionalities from an API for the actual attached instance
        • All public c++ classes should have at least a virtual destructor


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