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Add packaging configurations for QtWebAssembly in Qt 5.13 release



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    • 5.13.0 Alpha 1
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    • Linux/X11, macOS


      Add QtWA in our installers.

      • Online only or do we need add WA in offline installers as well?
        • Answer: Online only is fine
      • Which binaries located in the installer UI? (will there be x86, armv7 or something else?)
        • Similarly to other platforms, the files that are installed in the build should be included.
        • WebAssembly is actually the architecture, as well as the platform (a sort of bytecode).
      • Where to install it?
        • Same as all other platforms, under a subdirectory containing a bin/ lib/ etc.
      • Licensing is GPL and Enterprise. Under which enterprise license we will share WA?
        • Answered in comments
      • Development platforms : It should be available Linux and iOS,(? MacOS, android?)
        • Plan is to support Windows, but we can start with macOS and Linux
        • Android and iOS are not development platforms.
      • Release test automation, what needs to be tested by RTA?
        • This is currently under investigation, so just check the package contents at this point
      • Documentation only in the wiki
        • What about examples?
        • Documentation migration is ongoing and examples is just the regular Qt examples (this is a platform)




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