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Scrolling QML views with mouse wheel or touchpad is quite bad



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      When interacting with QML applications using a touchpad, scrolling (using 2-finger-scroll) is virtually impossible. As a developer using QML since the early days, by now I have trained myself to drag any views instead of scrolling them, however, now that we're publishing a multi-platform application running on mobile as well as on desktops, this turns out to be a real issue.

      The issue is that using a 2-finger-scroll will, in most cases, generate a couple of mouse wheel events in a short time and that makes any Flickable (and all the components based on that) shoot right off to the other end.

      Take for instance a TextArea in a ScrollArea. It is literally impossible to move to a certain line in the document by scrolling. One has to grab the scrollbar with the mouse and drag it to the appropriate place.

      For once, the scroll speed for mouse/touchpad scrolls should be different than the one for touch flicks, but also, the fact that they use the same inertia/kinetic behavior seems to be quite problematic. 

      While a scroll with a finger will stop the movement before releasing, a touchpad scroll event would not, which causes every touchpad/mouse scroll event to be interpreted as a fast flick.


      This issue might be of different impact on different platforms. Also, it seems to be multiplied by High-DPI setups. For example, in Linux/X11 with a HighDPI screen multiplier shows this issue the worst, making scrolling literally impossible. On MacOS and Windows it doesn't feel that bad, but it's still visible and makes scrolling with a touchpad quite tedious at least.


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