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Android build system application support is broken




      There's a bunch of things currently broken with Qt6 CMake Android support.

      1) Configuring an example (rasterwindow) with CMake fails in add_qt_gui_executable
      because it can't find QtPlatformAndroid.cmake. It appears that the file is only used by internal qtbase (and other repos) builds, but it's not used in the public api.

      Even if it's included in Qt6Config.cmake, several other things inside it are broken.

      2) QtPlatformAndroid.cmake has a bunch of hardcoded NDK linux paths, which won't work on other OSes


      If I configure qtbase with BUILD_EXAMPLES on, and then try to run ninja rasterwindow_make_apk on macOS I get the following errors

      cd /Volumes/T3/Dev/qt/qt5_cmake/qtbase_built_developer_android/examples/gui/rasterwindow && /Volumes/T3/Dev/qt/qt5_cmake/qtbase_built_developer/bin/androiddeployqt --input /Volumes/T3/Dev/qt/qt5_cmake/qtbase_built_developer_android/examples/gui/rasterwindow/android-librasterwindow.so-deployment-settings.json --output /Volumes/T3/Dev/qt/qt5_cmake/qtbase_built_developer_android/examples/gui/rasterwindow/android-build
      Generating Android Package
        Input file: /Volumes/T3/Dev/qt/qt5_cmake/qtbase_built_developer_android/examples/gui/rasterwindow/android-librasterwindow.so-deployment-settings.json
        Output directory: /Volumes/T3/Dev/qt/qt5_cmake/qtbase_built_developer_android/examples/gui/rasterwindow/android-build/
        Application binary: rasterwindow
        Android build platform: android-29
        Install to device: No
      qmlimportscanner not found: /Volumes/T3/Dev/qt/qt5_cmake/qtbase_built_developer/bin/qmlimportscanner
      STL library does not exist at /Volumes/T3/Dev/android/sdk/ndk/20.0.5594570/toolchains/llvm/prebuilt/linux-x86_64/sysroot/usr/lib//i686-linux-android/libc++_shared.so
      ninja: build stopped: subcommand failed.

      Note the hardcoded linux libc++ path, as well as

      3) This piece of code in qt_android_generate_deployment_settings can't possibly work

      # Host Qt Android  install path
          if (NOT QT_BUILDING_QT)
              set(file_check "${Qt6_DIR}/plugins/platforms/android/libqtforandroid_${CMAKE_ANDROID_ARCH_ABI}.so")

      Qt6_DIR points to the cmake Config path, and not the prefix.

      4) Trying to build the same example with qmake fails with

      $ ../bin/qmake ../../qtbase/examples/gui/rasterwindow
      Info: creating stash file /Volumes/T3/Dev/qt/.qmake.stash
      Conditional must expand to exactly one word.
      Project ERROR: Could not find feature static.

      5) Currently building Android on macOS fails due to some QPair shenanigans as reported in QTBUG-84924


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