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Qt 6.0 development hosts



    • Qt 6.0 development hosts
    • Linux/X11, macOS, Windows


      Requirements for Qt development hosts that do not fall under other Epics.

      • Windows 10 (64bit Intel; msvc2019, mingw81/gcc8.1).
        • No 32bit Windows support
        • Note: clang10 is planned for Qt 6.1 QTBUG-81745
        • No Windows 7 support, discontinued by MSFT
        • No Windows 8.1 support, discontinued by MSFT
      • macOS 10.14, 10.15, 11.0 (64bit Intel; Xcode12)
        • for OSS Qt and QtAD, QtDC support depending on QTBUG-81947.
        • Qt CI is on macOS 10.14 and virtualization of 10.15 under work but unclear of we can move to 10.15. If 10.15 / 10.16 is not feasible then fall back is 10.14. QTQAINFRA-3059
      • Linux Ubuntu 20.04 (64bit Intel; gcc9)
      • Linux CentOS 8.1 (64bit Intel; gcc9)
        • Note that this is replacing RedHat, RedHat dropped from CI though it may very well work QTQAINFRA-2760
      • Linux SLES 15 SP2 (64bit Intel; gcc10)
        • SLES (SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, small difference to SUSE desktop)
      • Open SUSE 15.1 (64bit Intel, gcc9)
        • Open SUSE is KDE and ICC reference OS, thus should also be on our CI. Note that Qt 5.15 is on gcc7.


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