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QC8155 as reference platform with great UI performance



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    • QC8155 as reference platform with great UI performance
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      Overview of the customer request

      We need to present automotive customer with 60 fps for a customer case. ravila can you summarize

      Environment details

      Hardware: https://shop.intrinsyc.com/products/sa8155p-automotive-development-platform
      OS: INTEGRITY version 19.#.# (One that we have already available for 8155)

      OS: QNX version to be used 7.0 and 7.1

      Qt version: Qt 5.15.2, 6.x

      Description of work

      This is done to ensure a reference cluster demo with detailed graphical effects performs 60fps on this reference hardware.
      Following measurements should be done and compared between 5.15 and up coming Qt 6.x ports.
      CPU usage,
      GPU usage,
      Memory usage,
      Qt Application startup time

      Effect to have running (not limited to) and sample UI layout is described in here:


      Project outcome should be measured on QC8155 running INTEGRITY + Qt 5.15 with QtQuick3D as well as on Windows PC.

      Project should be optimised to use as little CPU, GPU and memory resources as possible. Rendering paths should be optimised to avoid unnecessary FBO usage.

      Once INTEGRITY build has been done, it shall be tested and documented that QNX build works as well.


      Outcome of this work shall include report of used resources and point possible optimisation areas.

      Desired schedule

      The work should be completed by end of January 2021.

      Result & outcome of this work

      PoC implementation and performance measures done on target hardware, report summarizing the findings.


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