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Dom: model JS expressions/statements in QmlDom and add qmlls (find usages, go to definition, ...) support for them



    • 89b096041 (dev), be92908ac (dev), 1c566c512 (dev), fba9a80d4 (dev), a9e821d6a (dev), 4a1559862 (dev), 447fbe918 (dev), 091191853 (dev), af6234be9 (dev), 087a988ef (dev), ed131e936 (dev), 81f3dca10 (dev), 83f3213ba (dev), c98719b8c (dev), 70977b0d1 (dev)


      QmlJSScope supports js scopes and usages, it should be cleanly integrated in the Dom, to give access to declarations and usages in QML code. As QQmlJSScope itself is not enough to implement all the LSP-features, model JS statements and expressions in the DOM to complement its information.

      For example, implementing findUsages in qmlls cannot be done only with QQmlJSScope's, as the semantic scopes contain the definitions of JS identifiers but not their usages in the code. Also, the current JS-reformatting works directly on the AST-classes used by the Parser and the DOM for JS statements/expressions might leave a door open to move the reformatting implementation inside the DOM JS classes for later...

      Also implement support (or at least add tests) for

      • find usages
      • go to definition
      • go to type definition
      • completions
      • rename usage
        on the newly introduced dom representations!

      Mostly, all of the JS support for classes can be left out for now, assuming that most of the users are using QML objects instead.

      List of statements/expressions to model in the DOM:


      to be done

      do not do

      in progress


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