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    • Creator UX improvements


      Business value

      We want to provide Qt Creator users with the best possible developer experience. Especially important this is for the first time users. We want to maximise retention by providing an excellent developer experience. This could result more evaluations to turn into leads.


      According to V-Play analysis, about 70% of the evaluators just launch Qt Creator, but after that never build anything or re-laucng Creator again. We have no actual data, why evaluators do not start Qt Creator again. There may be several reasons, such as 

      • evaluator uses another IDE for the development (visual studio, Xcode)
      • evaluator just wants to go through the installation process
      • evaluator turned off V-Play analytics, as the first screen explains how to do that

      Anyway, it's worth trying to see, if we can increase the retention rate. 

      Nano tutorial

      • Highlights the relevant features for new users
      • Highlight the New project button more, or already open a project at first start
      • Highlight the Run button more, this is a success & wow moment for users

      Onboard users based on their interests, e.g. automotive user is different to onboard than Desktop developer

      • Vary initial topics, screens & project shown in QtC based on interest. Now, we have filters for different targets, but we have not filters/categories for industry verticals for example

      General on-boarding improvements

      • Show the tutorial button on the first screen - not on the welcome page
      • If the evaluator does not build anything for a time-period, highlight/send a notification/link to some help / getting started documentation
      • We could even ask evaluator to log into Qt Account as in the installer and ask, if any help is needed. We do not have to store/send the email address anywhere. 

      Improve Update checks

      • Checking the updates takes quite a long time. The only indicator to the user is the progress bar at the right bottom. If there are no updates, checked by the Maintenance Tool, nothing is shown to the user. The progress bar just completes. Could we at least show that everything is up-to-date, unless nothing needs updated. More detailed status data, such as getting the meta-data etc. would be useful to avoid an impression that one tool launches 20+ seconds. The meta-data download/update check should be significantly improved.

      Effort estimate


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