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Context help displays help for wrong Qt version



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    • Qt Creator 9.0.0
    • Qt Creator 8.0.2
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    • None
    • Kits installed:
      - 5.15.2, MSVC2019 + MinGW 8, 32 + 64-bit
      - 5.15.2, MinGW 11, 64-bit
      - 6.4.1, MSVC2019 + MinGW 11, 64-bit
    • Windows


      I have kits for both Qt 5.15.2 and Qt 6.4.1 installed.

      In projects using 5.15.2, even if the 6.4.1 kit is disabled for that project, pressing F1 on a selected word in an editor opens the documentation for the 6.4.1 version of the item.

      I have confirmed that both 5.15.2 and 6.4.1 documentation exists and is installed.

      It appears it shows context help for the latest Qt version, but instead it should be showing context help for whatever version of Qt is active for the current project.

      This is significant for items whose API has changed a lot in Qt6 (anything in QtMultimedia, for example).

      Workaround is to go to the "Help" pane and explicitly search for the item, then select the appropriate Qt version from the disambiguation dialog.


      Steps (unverified):

      1. Install multiple major versions of Qt and configure kits for them.
      2. Create a project with one of the older versions.
      3. Enter some code then put the cursor on some appropriate text and press F1 (or activate via context menu).

      Expected: Documentation displayed for current project's selected Qt version.

      Actual: Documentation displayed for most recent Qt version.


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