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List of Qt versions with critical issues for Qt Creator



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      Qt 6.7.0-6.7.2 Wayland: Can't scroll with mousewheel in editor QTBUG-126275
      Qt 6.7.0-6.7.1 Ctrl+Tab popup list of documents rendered behind main window on Plasma 6 Wayland QTBUG-124839
      Pop-up windows often have invalid surface on Wayland QTBUG-125732
      Qt 6.7.0 [Reg 6.6.2->6.6.3] Displacement of interface elements QTCREATORBUG-30632 (fixed in Creator 13.0.1)
      Qt 6.6.3 [Reg 6.6.2->6.6.3] Displacement of interface elements QTCREATORBUG-30632 (fixed in Creator 13.0.1)
      Qt 6.6.2 [Reg 6.6.1->6.6.2] Performance regression in qhelpcollection.cpp QTBUG-122994
      Qt 6.6.1 "Crash" in QMacAccessibilityElement initWithId:role: QTBUG-118585 (macOS)
      [Reg 6.6.0->6.6.1] Crash in accessibility with item views QTBUG-119757 (Linux)
      Qt 6.6.0 crash (stack overflow) in generate getter/setters dialog QTCREATORBUG-30150
      Crash by to opening a special markdown file QTBUG-117944
      Crash when focus leaves after editing a property QTCREATORBUG-30141
      Windows: strange behavior of subwidgets while resizing / moving QTBUG-117779
      Qt 6.5.3 [Reg: 6.4->6.5] Wizards only show the next/cancel buttons after resize QTBUG-117776
      Qt 6.5.2 [Reg 6.4.3 -> 6.5] Crash when selecting items in "New" dialog in Qt Creator QTBUG-114423
      Qt 6.5.1 [Reg 6.4.3->6.5.1] Crash in QTreeView/QItemSelectionMdoel when "configuring"
      project in target setup page QTBUG-114148
      Qt 6.5.1 [Reg 6.5.0->6.5.1] QTabBar can become inacessible QTBUG-114204
      Qt 6.5.0+.1 [REG 6.4.3 -> 6.5.0] Strange UI styles QTBUG-114600
      Qt 6.4.1 Reg->6.4.1: Windows/High DPI: Fonts are too large on High DPI screen QTBUG-108593 QTCREATORBUG-28499
      Qt 6.4.0 Qt creator Text is difficult to read on gnome dark theme QTCREATORBUG-28497
      Qt 6.3.1 Crash when closing dialog directly after closing popup QTBUG-105951
      Qt 6.0.0 Reg->6.0/Linux/CMake build : QtGui has dependency on libopengl0 and opengl headers QTBUG-89754 QTCREATORBUG-26652 QTCREATORBUG-26744
      Qt 5.15.1 [Reg 5.15.0->5.15.1] Drag & Drop does not work on macOS QTBUG-86822 QTCREATORBUG-24665


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