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Support easy, yet precise, documenting of relational operators



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      C++20 brings a new 3-way relational operator and three classes of comparison result: strong, partial, and weak ordering (cf. epic). We need an easy way to document

      1. the class of comparison result that applies to the type: strong, partial, weak
      2. which other types this type can be compared with

      qdoc should then do the rest.

      Example: QByteArray

      \class QByteArray
      \comparesto QByteArrayView, const char*, const char8_t*, ...

      This is all a class author should need to do. Output should be something like:

      class QByteArray
      This class is _strongly comparable_ (link to description).
      It can also be compared to <list or table>
      <add function documentation for each op in {==, !=, <, >, <=, >=, <=>}, complain if one is missing>

      This is for less-than-comparable types. We'll need something similar for equality-comparable-non-less-than-comparable types, such as QRect:

      \class QRect
      \comparesto QRectF
      \class QRectF
      \comparesto QRect

      Scope for this ticket is to finalize the concept and generate buy-in from the Documentation team and the qdoc maintainers for it.

      Acceptance criteria:

      • common understanding of the solution between Documentation team, qdoc team and C++ developers, incl. buy-in
      • follow-up tasks defined for each of Documentation, qdoc, and C++ teams


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