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QWindow on Android doesn't use full area on some devices.



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    • Resolution: Fixed
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    • 5.15.13, 6.2.8, 6.5.0
    • 6.4.1
    • GUI: Other, QPA: Android
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    • QtCreator 9, Qt641, both compiled by Qt.
    • Android
    • 48ebd4e31 (dev), 9b8777d49 (6.4), 50185ff90 (tqtc/lts-6.2), 652652f3c (6.5), ecaa0f1ac (tqtc/lts-5.15)
    • 2023wk04FOQtforAndroid, 2023wk06FOQtforAndroid


      A normal QML application is always maximized on Android. This means that you have the full screen area which is not assigned to OS-specific widgets.

      On various devices, however, there is a sizing issue which shows in a white bar between the application content and the OS-bar which is at the bottom of the screen. (the one with the back/cirlce/square buttons).

      I have 3 phones I tested my apps on and 2 of them show this problem, on the forums another poster claimed to see this issue as well. I can't figure out any reason or rationale behind this issue.

      What did I try;

      First, I wanted to see if I can convince QML to make a bigger window. Things like 'Window.minimumWidth' came to mind. From this I made a QML label which printed the contents of the QML Screen.width and also the Window.width / height variables.
      The fun result is that I got the low-res number. Not the actual number. (360 x 780 instead of 720x1560).
      For Screen.width / Screen.height I got the exact same number two test phones, including the one with the white.

      So, next step. Show the size of my big empty app. It gives me 360x706 on the phone where I do not have a white bar.
      The one with the white bar gives me 360x686.

      So, lets try a simple QtGui-only app. No QML. Just a QWindow. Hmm, just a black screen. Ok, QWidget then. Add a layout and a QLabel that is bottom aligned.

      Same issue. Same not-using-the-full-available space.

      Maybe this is useful, I'm sure more people are having this issue.

      ps. when Jira is fixed I'll upload images.


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