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QQuickWidget (QtWebEngine) based applications crash in graphics device lost situations



    • Windows
    • 3425c9c6d7f7915e6f7931da46105b36245e86ad (qtbase/5.14) 97c488a3740492d804ffce6ad948f19bd21b7544 (qtdeclarative/5.14)


      QtWebEngine application crashes frequently on windows 10 with access violation in what looks like a 3rd party driver. Crashe stack attched.

      It looks like  ANGLE does not check for a “lost device” scenario, (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/uwp/gaming/handling-device-lost-scenarios)

      When handling of lost device is tested using dxcap -forcetdr on command prompt the application responds in one of 3 ways:

      • Goes into an unrecoverable state in which all of the UI is pure white or pure black
      • Shows a dialog that says “Failed to create OpenGL context for format QSurfaceFormat(…)” and then crashes.
      • The application immediately crashes (stack is in attachment forcetdr-crash.txt)

      When a simple pyside2 app is tested with dxcap it immediately crashes.


      PS: More attachments will be uploaded soon.



        1. 0001-WIP-Limited-workaround-for-device-loss.patch
          5 kB
          Laszlo Agocs
        2. crash-1 (2).txt
          1 kB
          Irfan Omair
        3. crash-2 (2).txt
          1 kB
          Irfan Omair
        4. dxcap-output-machine1 (1).txt
          4 kB
          Irfan Omair
        5. dxcap-output-machine2 (1).txt
          4 kB
          Irfan Omair
        6. forcetdr-crash (1).txt
          3 kB
          Irfan Omair
        7. image-2020-04-22-15-55-47-118.png
          139 kB
          Laszlo Agocs
        8. qtdiag-output-machine1.txt
          7 kB
          Irfan Omair
        9. qtdiag-output-machine2.txt
          6 kB
          Irfan Omair
        10. screenshot-1.png
          81 kB
          Laszlo Agocs
        11. simple-webengine-app.py
          0.2 kB
          Irfan Omair

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