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Qt 6.2 development targets - QNX 7.1 on iMX8QM



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      QNX 7.1 (gcc 8.3.0) target reference HW NXP iMX8QM (ARM-v8A-64bit).

      What & why

      We need verified and tested source delivery of QNX 7.1 for automotive and few other vertical customer in Qt 6.2 LTS. If possible, we may also deliver ready made binaries on a defined reference hardware.

      Must for Qt Automotive business, should for medical, nice for rest.

      Qt feature needs <DRAFT, needs validation>

      • UI: Only needs to support QML based UI with 3D and 2D, QWidget UI is not required.
      • Input methods: Touch, virtual keyboard, physical keys
      • Connectivity: Networking, USB, CanBUS
      • Qt modules: Qt Core, Qt GUI, Qt Network, Qt QML, Qt Quick, Qt Quick Controls, Qt Quick Layouts, Qt Quick 3D
      • Qt add-on modules: Qt Remote Objects
      • Known limitations: List module per module


      Technology Preview Qt 6.1 5/2021 - priority P3 QTBUG-87468
      Delivery in Qt 6.2 11/2021 - priority P1 (Blocker) QTBUG-90749

      Definition of Done

      • Qt6 source codes compile on reference target. Customer can develop software with QNX 7.1
      • Qt sources same as in all platforms (mandatory, same in Qt 5)
      • Binaries, smoke tested (mandatory, same in Qt 5)
      • CI tests on desktop host (optional, improve for Qt6)
      • RTA created (optional, is possible, not part of Qt 5, improvement in Qt6)
      • Hosts (desktop): Ubuntu 20.04 (mandatory), Win10 2004 (optional)
      • Targets (HW): NXP iMX8QM (mandatory, new compared to Qt6), QCSD8155P as optional.
      • RnD support: for mandatory hosts and targets Standard, rest up to PS


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