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Temporary kit created for imported build instead of using existing kit



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      Similar to QTCREATORBUG-27523, I still can't manage to import a build of qtdeclarative using an existing kit. It always creates a temporary kit.

      These are the steps I took (dunno how to link to an attachment without it becoming an embedded image, so no nicely formatted list, sorry):

      Removed CMakeLists.txt.user from qtdeclarative sources.

      Removed old Qt version and kit for this Qt build.

      Opened Creator and created a Qt version from the build:

      Hit Apply.

      Switched to the Kits tab, clicked Add to create a new kit from scratch. Gave it a name (qt-dev2-debug-non-fw). Ensured that the compilers were the same as the official Qt builds from the online installer, as the other build I have still has it incorrectly detected as GCC (from QTCREATORBUG-27523):

      The final created kit:

      Switched to the qt-dev2-qtdeclarative session. The Configure Project screen came up.

      I unchecked the checked default kit, expanded the "Import Build From..." section and typed in the path to the build: /Users/mitch/dev/qt-dev2-debug-non-fw/qtdeclarative.

      Hit Import and the temporary kit was created instead of it picking the one I just created:

      What's funny is that the kit that it created had errors:

      For what it's worth, this is the list of compilers:

      It says that GCC is a manually added compiler, which is strange because I only got this machine a few weeks ago and have never manually added a compiler.


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