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Touches cancelled when interacting with multiple windows



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    • 68369237b (dev), 35da0bb56 (6.6), 9d7b8fade (tqtc/lts-6.5)


      I have an application where I use multiple windows. It is a music making application and I have a piano keyboard, and the instrument being shown on another window. I really need to use a Window instead of any other QuickItem because I can host external AUv3 and they need to get properly embedded in the UI.

      When users are playing the keyboard and then try to change a parameter in the engine window, the key gets stuck. I believe this happens because the touch areas live in different windows, and the first one loses focus.

      I have attached an example where I demonstrate this problem. I have two sets of row layouts with rectangle that react to touch. If you touch on a rectangle on the red zone, keep the finger pressed, and then touch on a rectangle on the green zone, if you lift the finger on the red zone, it will keep white (stuck).

      I have used MouseArea for sake of simplicity but the problem happens with MultiPointTouchArea too.


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