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      Issue ID Issue Related Jira Report Priority
      W26#1 Unable to find how to reload material after changing the shader (only restarting the application helped; both MacOS and Windows versions) QT3DS-3375 Medium
      W26#2 Custom material format, but no shader/material editor with syntax highlighting QT3DS-2039 Low
      W26#3 Hotkeys don't always work (i.e. noticed hotkey for MOVE stopped working, but ROTATE and SCALE still worked) QT3DS-1974 Medium
      W26#4 Crashes from time to time (both MacOS and Windows versions).  Need more details High
      W26#5 Unable to import PSD images QT3DS-2040 Low
      W26#6 Not possible to modify geometry (would be nice-to-have but DCC tools are the master for it)  QT3DS-2041 Low
      W26#7 Very few primitives  QT3DS-2042  Low
      W26#8 Basic primitives can't be adjusted (i.e. chamfer, bevel, slicing)  QT3DS-2042  Low
      W26#9 Under checking: no render textures (offsceen textures    Medium -
      W26#10 No curves for animations  QT3DS-704 QT3DS-721 QT3DS-1124  Medium
      W26#11 No image (texture and mesh) previews  QT3DS-1112  Medium
      W26#12 Subpresentation as layer doesn't get rendered (but does if used as texture)  QT3DS-665  Medium
      W27#1 Colors are different in Editor and Viewer (needle has different color in the test application). The texture of the shadow is not positioned in the right place in the Viewer) https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/233881/3//ALL Medium
      W27#2 Texture map of the grid is blurred in the distance. https://codereview.qt-project.org/#/c/233847/ Medium
      W27#3 Font at position Z=-1150, Size 13. The Z position of the text label is the same as the Z position of the dials. Font at position Z0, Size 60 is ok QT3DS-1591 QT3DS-1419 Medium
      W27#4 QtQmlLive crashes if Qt3dStudio content is edited   Medium
      W27#5 QtQmlLive doesn't recognize qrc urls   Medium
      W27#6 Recently opened projects missing from file menu   Medium
      W27#7 Could not use imported fbx file with texture exported from cinema4d (textured in 3dmax it works)   Medium
      W27#8 Models couldn't be deleted from imported assets   Medium
      W27#9 First search path is not the last used path dir instead the 3dmax model dir for example not the model dir of the project.   Medium
      W27#10 Picking in the 3d view often failed to the wrong item (Object near be each other and some in front) maybe only bounding box gets use for selection? Would be nice not only to select the first object   Medium
      W27#11 When antialiasing and anisotrope filtering in the nvidia driver are hard set the view window gets transparent (Only the 3dstudio Views not qt3d)   Medium
      W28#1 Dynamically unload a Studio3D item crashes the program QT3DS-1995 Medium
      W28#2 Moving from Slide A to Slide B, which contain common elements, during an animation. It seems that the animations might be run concurrently.   Medium
      W28#3 How a project can support multiple resolutions   Medium
      W28#4 How to support multiple variants of components (for example the speedometer with different speed ranges, km vs. miles) effectively without duplicating the items   Medium
      W28#5 How to at best support an exchangeable middle part with a wrap-around list of items (like a cover flow, but each of them is a 3D element with own logic and data – i.e. consumption panel, eco score, odometer…). The transitions consist of fade/zoom for previous and   Medium
      W28#6 How to approach a system with different screens not sharing common parts -> master slide empty?   Medium
      W28#7 How to handle popups   Medium
      W29#1 Data input is slow on MacOS QT3DS-3177  Medium
      W29#2 Actions don't work on subpresententations   Low
      W29#3 Antialiasing looks bad on a layer   Medium
      W30#1 Adding from QML more than 1 Studio3D scene (with animation) degrades the rendering performance drastically (1:60, 2: 15, 3: 7…).   Blocker
      W30#2 Objects with transparency appear very dark when used in Studio3D QML integration   Medium
      W30#3 Color limitation: Only limited palette could be used   Low
      W30#4 Font limitation data: Only limited subset of predefined fonts could be used in design   Low
      W30#5 Stereoscopic rendering   Medium
      W30#6 How to make dynamic transition from state to state   Medium
      W30#7 Dynamic loading and support for design variants   Medium
      W31#1 Complex test application has low performance QT3DS-2067 Blocker
      W31#2 Vertex shaders support in materials (I’m using custom main() in fragment shader) QT3DS-2026 High
      W31#3 DataInput UI for material (shader) values (so far only direct modification in UIP file works, text-based))   Medium
      W31#4 Custom shader includes (for shared code between shaders)   Medium
      W31#5 Debugging DataInputs in editor (i.e. I have “speed” bound to different objects and I want to see how they all work together when it’s changed)   Medium
      W32#1 No matter what the text align is it is always shown as center aligned in the viewer QT3DS-2103 Blocker
      W32#2 Crash issue with video driver Not reproducing anymore (OK) Medium
      W32#3 Transparent object behind another. Changing the z value causes other object to go behind the other QT3DS-2105 High
      W32#4 Changing a value in keyframe the easing goes back to smooth OK Medium
      W32#5 Duplicating the object the length is always set to 10 seconds QT3DS-2106 Medium
      W32#6 File dialog is not performing well QT3DS-2088 Blocker
      W32#7 setAttribute example QT3DS-2089 High
      Week35 (Workshop)      
      W35#1 Defer loading subpresentations that are not immediately needed QT3DS-2155 Medium
      W35#2 Invisible objects have impact on performance. QT3DS-2179 High
      W35#3 PingPong animation not working properly. QT3DS-2183 Medium
      W35#4 Support outputting data input QML elements from the editor QT3DS-2201 Medium
      W35#5 Allow changing bound data input of timeline during run-time QT3DS-2202 Medium
      W35#6 Support changing data input min max range during run-time QT3DS-2203 Medium
      W35#7 Support for iterating through data inputs during run-time QT3DS-2204 Medium
      W35#8 Add metadata for data inputs QT3DS-2205 Medium
      W35#9 Data inputs should be accessible even when loading *.uip QT3DS-2206 Medium
      W35#10 [REG] Automatic element naming works incorrectly for some elements QT3DS-2207 Medium
      W35#11 Negative values for Ranged Number data input do not work QT3DS-2208 Medium
      W35#12 Dynamic keyframes get wrong start value QT3DS-2209 Medium
      W35#13 UV position animation has huge impact of performance QT3DS-2210 High
      W41#1 Add Support for 2D-Billboards QT3DS-2477 Medium
      W42#1 3DStudioScenes don't render correct with lightsource using VM QT3DS-2498 High
      W42#2  Test app is still using over 40% of the cpu -> further improvements needed QT3DS-2179 High
      W42#3 Needs to be validated how fix for QT3DS-2155 works in real project QT3DS-2155 Medium
      W42#4 Qt 3D Studio presentation inside Qt Quick causes fps to be capped to 30 fps. Need alternative approach or fix for this by the end of November QT3DS-2437 and QTBUG-70035 High
      W44#1 Can datainputs be connected to behaviours? A: Yes, but there's a bug. QT3DS-2593 Medium
      W44#2 [Reg: 2.0 -> 2.1] Dynamic keyframes work incorrectly QT3DS-2577 High
      Week45 (workshop)      
      W45#1 Add support for drop-shadows on text QT3DS-2644 Medium
      W45#2 The first change of subpresentation is causing the animation to stop QT3DS-2605  High
      W45#3 Custom material assets are not imported QT3DS-2599  High
      W45#4 Dynamic loading and unloading of slides during runtime QT3DS-2661 High
      W45#5 Mutually exclusive groups need to be supported for optimised loading QT3DS-2662 Medium
      W45#6 Optimised binary format for presentation projects QT3DS-2660 High
      W45#7 Texture compression QT3DS-1159 High
      W45#8 Multithreaded loading of presentation is needed QT3DS-2664 High
      W45#9 Artist collaboration needs to be made easier QT3DS-2665 Medium
      W45#10 Tabs for timeline QT3DS-2714 Medium
      W45#11 Camera scale anchors not working properly QT3DS-2634 Medium
      W45#11 Lots of slides brakes the slide palette QT3DS-2638 Medium
      W46#1 Frequent crashes when changing sourcepath QT3DS-2676 High
      W46#2 Add color and opacity properties for text drop-shadows QT3DS-2754 Medium
      W46#3 Split text drop-shadow offset to x and y QT3DS-2755 Medium
      W50#1 View3D: Width and height are not working if high dpi is enabled QT3DS-2840  
      W50#2 With View3D and Studio3D, the fps is going down from 30 and up to 58 periodically. Same issue as W42#4?    
      W51#1 [Android] Crash with Dragon Renderer on Pixel C QT3DS-2860 High
      W52#2 Used performance tests available at https://git.qt.io/public-demos/qt3dstudio/tree/master/performanceTests/scene_test    
      Week2 2019      
      W2#1 Qml as subpresentation not rendered after some time    
      W2#2 What can be done for "Frequent crashes when changing sourcepath" issue QT3DS-2888 QT3DS-2676 QT3DS-2945 Critical 
      W2#3 Dragon Renderer is having rendering artefacts, create bug with test app QT3DS-2898 Critical 
      W2#4 Add Close project button / menu action   Medium 
      Week3 2019      
      W3#1 no rendering of qml streams on layer/diffusemap with dragonrenderer on ubuntu QT3DS-2886   
      W3#2 Crash when using custom mesh in Q3DSModelNode QT3DS-2930   
      W3#3 Indices are ignored when used in Q3DSGeometry QT3DS-2931   
      W3#4 Add filtering configuration to textures QT3DS-2932   
      Week4 2019      
      W4#1 Feature request: Similar text anchoring for Qt 3D Studio as in QtQuick    
      W4#2 Example how QML Behaviour can be used for animating text opacity (rpm gauge numbers)    
      W4#3 Crashing during the loading of the x_Powermeter.uip and x_EcoScore.uip in the middle area of the IC (you can change the middle area with the buttons UP and DOWN Same issue as in QTBUG-72236    
      W4#4 UI update issue while changing the propriety (eg. “visible” or “opacity” of an 3DStudio Element via QML)  QT3DS-3108  
      W4#5 Get the for the current index of the slide in 3D or list element in QML    
      Week7 2019      
      W7#1 CurrentSlideName/Index may not be correct QT3DS-3015    
      Week11 2019      
      W11#1 Runtime 2.3 crashes on Jetson TX2 QT3DS-3156    Critical
      W11#2 Install self compiled Qt3dstudio-runtime in own folder QT3DS-3145   Critical 
      W11#3 Investigate rendering artefacts and missing parts with larger project   High 
      W11#4 [Android] Crash with Dragon Renderer on Pixel C QT3DS-2860  High 
      Week12 2019      
      W12#1 Q3DSDataInput::setValue(QVariant const&) causes string parsing QT3DS-3177  Critical 
      W12#2 MaterialParameterGathererJob taking a lot of time QT3DS-3171  High 
      W12#3 [macOS] With large and complex projects Dragon crashes on launch QT3DS-3219  High 
      Week13 2019      
      W13#1 Async loading causes crash QT3DS-3226  Critical 
      W13#2 [macOS] With large and complex projects Dragon crashes on launch QT3DS-3219  Critical 
      W13#3 Finer grained support is needed for variant tags QT3DS-3234  Critical 


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