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      QtBluetooth Backlog
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      General backlog for possible tasks/features in QtBluetooth – things not necessarily ever committed to but under consideration.

      Past releases and future plans:

      • Qt 5.3
        • Port to Android (--QTBUG-33792--)
        • Improve BlueoothLocalDevice API to cover connected devices (--QTBUG-33791--)
      • Qt 5.4
        • Port Bluez code to Bluez 5.x (--QTBUG-32085--)
        • Support Bluetooth Low Energy Client/Central on Linux (--QTBUG-31719--)
          • Tech Preview
          • Supported on Linux with Bluez 4 and 5
      • Qt 5.5
        • Bluetooth Low Energy Client/Central for Android (--QTBUG-40923--)
        • Bluetooth Low Energy Client/Central for iOS (--QTBUG-40700--)
        • MacOSX (classic and Low Energy Client/Central) (--QTBUG-40464--)
      • Qt 5.6
        • iOS 9 support added
        • General bugfixes throughout the API and platforms. For more details see dist/changes-5.6.0
      • Qt 5.7
        • Bluetooth Low Energy Peripheral API added (Technology Preview)
          • The implementation works on BlueZ only (--QTBUG-53482--)
        • Access to BTLE connection parameters on Bluez (QTBUG-52428)
        • Signed write support added for Bluez and Android (QTBUG-41175)
      • Qt 5.8
        • Bluetooth Peripheral API support on iOS and OS X (--QTBUG-53485--)
        • WinRT port (Bluetooth Low Energy Client/Central) (--QTBUG-37779--)
      • Qt 5.9
      • Qt 5.10
        • Enabled WinRT/UWP port on Win32 builds for Windows 10 (--QTBUG-61566--)
      • Qt 5.11
        • Port BTLE to Bluez5 backend - central role (QTBUG-66908)
      • Qt 5.12
        • Implemented limited support for LE scanning (including manufacturer data) (QTBUG-46008)
        • Ported QBluetoothSocket client use case to BlueZ DBus backend (QTBUG-68550)
      • Qt 5.13
        • Significant stability improvements to WinRT implementation
          • added support for QBluetoothDeviceInfo::rssi() and manufacturerData() (QTBUG-71943)
      • Qt 5.14
      • Qt 6.2
        • Port Qt Bluetooth to Qt 6  QTBUG-62877
        • Exposed MTU for platforms which do not support Prepared/Long writes (QTBUG-67041)
      • Medium to Long term goals
        • Bluetooth HID profile support (QTBUG-33601)
        • Port BTLE to Bluez5 backend - peripheral role (QTBUG-66909)
        • Extended Bluetooth LE scanning/advertising API (QTBUG-46008)
        • Enable background operation of QLowEnergyController on iOS (QTBUG-67042)
        • Simplify QBluetoothServer/QBluetoothServiceInfo interaction (QTBUG-75352)
        • Review minimal Android API version for Qt Bluetooth (QTBUG-75355)
      • Qt 7.x
        • Simplify QBluetoothDeviceDiscoveryAgent's start-stop logic (QTBUG-75350)
        • Support duplicated service/char uuids per device/service (QTBUG-75347)


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